Contractor's Information-Questions & Concerns

I have built in the City before and I just need a copy of the City forms that need to be filled out as part of the building permit application process.

Access the City Forms homepage for a list of downloadable required forms.

As an owner, can I apply for a building permit if I am not a licensed contractor?

Yes. Owners of property, when acting as their own contractor and providing direct, on-site supervision of all work, may build or improve a one-or-two family residence on such property for the occupancy or use of such owners. The property may not be sold or rented for at least one year after the “final” inspection has been completed and approved by the City.

What do I need to do to become a licensed contractor in the City?

Application must be made to register with the City as a contractor desiring to do business in Litchfield Park. Each applicant must demonstrate competency by providing either a state license or a letter of reciprocity from another Arizona city or county.

What information will I need to provide when I register as a contractor in the City?

To register as a State Certified Contractor in the City, the applicant must provide:
  • Copy of their State Contractor’s License and their Tax Privilege License
  • Proof of workers compensation and liability insurance
  • Verification of a completed City of Litchfield Park Business License Application

As the contractor, what do I need to have on the job site at the time of inspection?

  • Have the “Building Permit Card” (received at time of permit issuance) posted in a conspicuous place, preferably visible from the street
  • For remodels and additions, ensure that the street address numbering is properly displayed and visible from the street
  • Provide access to the area of construction under permit
  • Have City approved stamped construction drawings on site and accessible
  • Complete all work for the scheduled inspection or reinspection
  • Have animals restrained
  • For the pool/spa final (“pre plaster”) inspection, the resident or the resident’s contractor must be available to provide access to the home’s interior to inspect interior pool barriers

As the contractor, what are some of the residential inspection items that must be complete under each inspection category, as listed on the City's Inspector's Notice?

For a list of residential building inspection items that the City uses as a guideline in performing the different individual inspections, access the Residential Inspection Checklist.

***Please note: The wording of the checklist items are not to be interpreted as City codified building regulations, but rather as a guideline to better understand the building inspection criteria used by the City for the different individual City building inspections. Always refer to the referenced code section and/or table for accuracy of the written regulation.