Construction Progress

Construction of the Litchfield Square infrastructure began in July 2021. Since then, we have come a long way toward completing all of the water, sewer, storm drain, electrical, telecommunications, gas, streets, lighting and the other systems that are needed to support the development of this 26-acre mixed-use development project. While the streets will be completed in phases, all of the utility systems for the entire site have been completed.

We are in the process of turning over the water and sewer systems to Liberty Utilities, who will own, operate, and maintain the systems in perpetuity. Water and sewer connections have been extended to every lot in Litchfield Square to allow a building developer to simply connect to the existing services. Storm drains have also been extended to each lot to allow the storm water runoff to flow to the underground retention system under the south half of the park. The stored water is then percolated into the ground by four drywells. (construction photo below)

The Litchfield Road improvements have been completed including the roundabout that replaces the Village Parkway intersection with a means to allow traffic to continue in each direction without the need for a traffic signal. Roundabouts are proven to be safer than a four-way signalized intersection. Not only does traffic move more efficiently, but t-bone accidents typically seen at traditional intersections are eliminated. The roundabout also allows Village Parkway to be extended into Litchfield Square and, ultimately, connect to Old Litchfield Road. (construction photo below)

The extension of Village Parkway is currently being completed from Litchfield Road to Desert Avenue, but will be restricted for construction traffic only until the proposed development of Lot 3 is nearly complete and businesses are opening to the public (see Development Activity). The next phase of construction will include extending Village Parkway from Desert Avenue to Old Litchfield Road to complete that portion of the street network. Completion of the Village Parkway extension is planned to coincide with the opening of shops and restaurants on Lot 3.

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